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“The hero is an engaging young maverick, and the author takes you through a series of thrilling twists and turns. Like The FIRM, it sets up plots and subplots until you are hooked.

-Bill Thompson, editor for John Grisham and Stephen King.

Alan Roberts, at the top of his law school class, meets Sevena, a brilliant and beautiful graduate student who persuades him to help organize a national student anti-war movement.


Greedy arms dealers and powerful lobbyists determined to keep their billion-dollar defense contracts flowing, conspire to stop any effort to end the war. Alan, and Sevena set out to spring their first surprise. Indeed, there is a surprise, but not the one they envisioned.


The pages won’t turn fast enough as it comes down to a riveting David vs. Goliath courtroom battle where an uneven struggle between good and evil is to be fought and justice does not always prevail…but will it?

"justice does not always prevail…
but will it?"

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